You are heartily interested in Africa’s Economy Growth and convinced that building Up Human Capital and Startups is the main way – Join us today!

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It is together that we will do it and your contribution will make a significant impact

Digital Boosting

Digital Boosting

150 Female and Youth Initiatives Digital Boosting per year (3 cohorts of 50 every 4months)

An average increase of 60% in turnover + 2jobs satisfied per activity boosted

Nothing less than 300 jobs to be created and satisfied per year

Digital Academy

Digital Academy

150 VSME Managers Initiated in Digital Communication, Finance Management & Leadership per year (50 x 3 cohorts every 4months)

150 youth trained in Digital Marketing and 50 in Code per year

Nothing less than 200 jobs to be created and satisfied per year

Startups Incubation

Startups Incubation

Host and Support up to 10 Startups per year (you will be set and running your app/product right from that first year)

+2 additional years of support till maturity(includes your Early Seed Capital Research + Web Developers and Digital Marketers ready to be provided)

The vision is indeed Great and Challenging, and will deliver of course high impact on Africa’s economy. That’s why we need you onboard today!

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