About Us

The essentials you need to know about UppingSquare

About Us
An all in one digital asset

An all-in-one Digital Asset brought together to enhance Daily Living and Youth Employment in Africa.

Every revolution has its own game-changer. And nowadays, it is clear, any emerging society will have to embrace, implement, and accompany its progress with Digital.

With that in mind, we at UppingSquare, want to address our community issues with proven international methods that still deliver results for years now.

Our actions are then distributed from :

  • Digital Boosting (for VSME rapid economy growth)
  • Digital Academy (for job-ready pratical training, helping thus to considerabily reduce youth unemployment)
  • Startups Incubation (up to 3 years technical and financial support)

And do not take our words for nothing, we are on mission to be creating and satisfying close to 500 jobs per year!

That’s truly a huge contribution to the economy of our countries.

The team behind the scene

Dzogbenyui Agblevon

Dzogbenyui Agblevon

CEO & CoFounder @UppingSquare
Marketing & Digital Solutions Builder

Adouayi Adote

Adouayi Adote

COO & CoFounder @UppingSquare
Human Capital development specialist


Melissa Akemakou

CFO @UppingSquare
CSR Auditor | ESG Expert | Projects Manag.


Mawilanda Bakpatina

Due Diligence Specialist @UppingSquare
Due Diligence | Finances | Risk Mitigation Exp.

The vision is indeed Great and Challenging, and will deliver of course high impact on Africa’s economy. Want to join hands with us today ?