We are building an unprecedented Inclusive and Digital Economy in Africa

From Women and Youth Initiative Digital Boosting, their Digital Skills Enhancement, to the launch of Resultive Startups, we are covering the whole line.

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Desperately commited to


Youth Initiative Digital Boosting

it is one thing to have a product or an activity, and it is another one to know how to sell it. We took it thus as our primary responsibility to propel youth-proven revenue activities with the latest digital strategists.

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Digital & Management Training

Having settled down a reliable digital foundation for their business, we provide them with curated Digital Marketing and Management training that will help them maintain the good-flow


Startups Incubation

The next step will be to move from the Small Business stage to Medium and Large one. And why not become a unicorn? Not only we Incubate and Delelop new ideas, we provide tailored technical and financial support along with

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Indemand Digital Skills

While propeling the "step 3 enterprises" to their next level, they will need for sure "digital talents" to join hands with. That's why we will train 50 talents per cohort, both Marketers and Developers, to fuel the gap.

The vision is indeed Great and Challenging, and will deliver of course high impact on Africa’s economy. That’s why we need you onboard today!