Digital Academy

Initiating Female to Digital Communication around their business and training Young people in in-demand digital skills (Code & Marketing)

Digital Academy

For Solo-preneurs

From our Digital Boosting program, and also open to anyone that will desire to learn it, we will introduce them to good communication practices on social media around their activities.

In the program :

  • Coherent management of your Brand Image through social networks
  • Best practices and communication tools on social networks
  • Natural Prospect Acquisition and Activation
  • Basic principles of customer retention and loyalty

For Digital Marketing Specialists

In the program :

  • Best Customer Insight Methodologies for Your Business
  • Identification and choice of communication channels for your business
  • Know how to prepare, plan, publish, monitor and optimize content
  • Good audience management
  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads

For Web Developers

In the program :

  • UI/UX
  • Data structures & Algorithm
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • SQL & MongoDB
  • NodeJs(React & Express)
  • Flutter
  • Units testing
  • Agile development

The approach

In view to helping every learner reach their goals, we will make available an e-learning platform with offline capability, which will significantly allow everyone to complete their course at a fast pace and synchronize the progress once connected.

There may be some in-person sessions if required and our open space will help host them.

An exam and certificate will be delivered at the end of each path.


It is not a word to take for nothing.

From our Digital Boosting Sessions (3cohorts in a year), each cohort of 50 VSME boosted will need at least one Digital Marketing Specialist in the next 6 or 12 months following the boosting period. So in one year, the total need for Digital Marketing Specialist will be a minimum of 150.

And it is in view to fill that gap, we will be training 150 Digital Marketing Specialists upstream!

Apart from these VSMEs, our other partners ranging from Microfinance, Banks, Telecoms and government institutions will also be running after you!

Finally, the 50 Web developers trained per year will help propel both these above partners + startups that will be incubated!



  1. 150 VSME Managers Initiated in Digital Communication, Finance Management & Leadership per year (50 x 3 cohorts every 4months)
  2. 150 youth trained in Digital Marketing and 50 in Code per year
  3. Nothing less than 200 jobs to be created and satisfied per year

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